About Us

Djembe Consultants has been the preferred communications partner for innovators, entrepreneurs, and innovation ecosystem support organizations in Africa and the Middle East for over a decade. Over the years, Djembe has gained valuable expertise in promoting innovation in the MEA region and transforming startups and scale-ups into recognized successful brands. Djembe has encountered communication challenges during this journey within the existing ecosystem support offering. Accelerate with Djembe was created as the first communications-focused accelerator in the MEA region to address these shortcomings. 

Accelerate your growth with Djembe

Program Outcomes

By leveraging the power of storytelling in your efforts to innovate, you enhance your brand narrative, update your messaging, and showcase your vision on a global level. To alter the course of your growth, join the first-ever communications-focused Accelerator Programme for MEA Scale-ups in the region. Make communications the driving force behind your growth. 


Global standard acceleration 

 “Accelerate with Djembe” is a unique program that brings together 10-15 scale-ups to address communication challenges that can help them expand their businesses. The program offers a combination of remote and in-person 1-to-1 learning sessions, group learning sessions, and sprint projects.  

Tailored expert support 

Receive expert advice and insights to boost your business communications with Djembe and Accelerator partners. 

Targeted workshops & advisory services 

In addition to advisory services, and comms support, Accelerate with Djembe features webinars and workshops focused on public relations, digital marketing, brand building, investor relations and communications skills among others. 


Knowledge and Expertise 

Gain access to expert guidance and strategic insights to accelerate your growth and unlock your full potential. Special engagement sessions with industry experts are available. 

Djembe Expert Training

Access Djembe’s exclusive communications training modules to enhance your understanding of the regional media landscape, public affairs dynamics, and best practices for fund raising. Gain access to a dedicated support desk staffed by Djembe communication experts. 

Partnership Opportunities 

Leverage Djembe Consultants’ global network of experts, media houses, investors and ESOs to grow your venture. Accelerate with Djembe aims to connect you with industry leaders, innovative companies, and other strategic partners.  

Tailored for real impact

Key Benefits

Accelerate with Djembe provides you with growth-focused benefits



  • Three months of advisory and equity-free support. 


Local & Regional Insight 

  • Access Djembe’s in-market teams and insights.
  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of media landscapes,            and communications dynamics in the MEA region. 


Custom Mentorship 

  • Receive custom advice and guidance from Djembe experts and partners. 


Dedicated Communication Desk 

  • Collaborate with Djembe Consultants’ experts to enhance your business communications. 


Innovators’ Network 

  • Connect and explore opportunities with fellow innovators and access valuable insights from your peers who are already in the market. 

    Let’s Work Together!

    We believe the right partnership can power change and growth. Your skills, network, insight and resources can set the MEA innovation ecosystem on a path of acceleration.

    Accelerate Team